About Us

About Us

Platinum Portrait Artists is a fine art studio located in Frisco, TX

Our core values are the foundation of everything we do:


We believe in the mantra, "Do the work." It's the diligence with which we approach every project that ensures the outstanding quality of our work. We leave no stone unturned to capture the essence of your pets and their unique personalities.


We don't make excuses; instead, we take complete ownership of our actions. When you choose Platinum Portraits, you can trust that we'll fulfill our commitments without any excuses. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


We understand the importance of trust in our industry. When we say we'll do something, we do it. Our reliability and dedication to delivering on our promises are what set us apart from the rest.


We foster a supportive and collaborative environment where every team member lifts one another to greater heights. Our commitment to teamwork ensures that your pet's portrait is a true work of art, born from the collective efforts of our talented professionals.


Going above and beyond is not just a goal; it's our commitment. We go that extra mile to create lasting memories for you and your pets. Our pursuit of excellence results in pet portraits and albums that exceed your expectations.

At Platinum Portraits, we understand that every family is unique, and we're here to celebrate that uniqueness with you.

We specialize in capturing the heartwarming moments that define your family's journey.

Most have never experienced a professional photo session before. We're here to make your experience warm, comfortable, and memorable.

Our team is focused on the extraordinary love and bonds that exist within your family, be it with your spouse, partner, family, children or your beloved four-legged friend. We believe that every family, regardless of its composition, has a beautiful story to tell, and we're here to help you tell it through our artistry.

"Our mission is to capture not just images but stories of lives, where family isn't just a word, it's everything."

Shane & Sunny are professional photographers and owners of

Platinum Portrait Artists in Frisco, TX

Our primary focus is on families and pet art, and as members of PPA, we're committed to providing the highest quality services. With the opening of our new studio in Texas, we've been able to expand our team across the country, bringing on two amazing photographers and two art directors.

Despite our busy schedules, we always make time to give back to our community. We volunteer at our kids' schools and coach youth sports, all while supporting multiple families on our team. Our family always comes first, and we strive to spend as much time with our kiddos as possible.

In addition to our community involvement, we're also actively involved in various local networking groups, which has helped us to grow our business significantly. We're passionate about what we do, and we're dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Art of your children. For your Children

“Family isn’t an important thing. It’s the only thing”

- Michael J. Fox

Due to the nature of portrait photography being a custom product, we do not allow returns or refunds after the day of the sale.

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